6 Tips for Sorting Your Recycling Like a Pro


Like most people, you probably need help knowing what can and cannot be recycled. With all of the different symbols and numbers on the packaging, it’s no wonder recycling can be confusing! To help make things easier, we’ve put together a list of six tips for sorting your recycling like a pro at trash removal las vegas.
Six Tips for Sorting Your Recycling Like a Pro
1. Know your recyclables.
Like a pro, the first step to recycling is to know what can and cannot be recycled. While some materials, such as aluminum cans and glass bottles, are obvious recyclables, others, such as certain types of plastic, are not. A good rule of thumb is only to recycle items that are made of metal, glass, paper, or certain types of plastic.
2. Check for labels and symbols.
Once you know what can be recycled, the next step is to check for labels and symbols on the packaging. These will tell you how to recycle the item correctly. For example, a label with the numbers 1 or 2 indicates that the item is made of PET or HDPE plastic, which can be recycled.
3. Clean your recyclables.
It’s essential to clean your recyclables before putting them in the bin. This will help reduce contaminants and make the material easier to recycle. For example, rinse out food containers and remove any lids or caps.
4. Avoid putting hazardous materials in the recycling bin.
Hazardous materials should never be placed in the recycling bin, as they can contaminate other materials and make them difficult to recycle. Examples of hazardous materials include batteries, light bulbs, and electronic waste.
5. Separate your recyclables.
Once you’ve collected your recyclable materials, the next step is to separate them by type. This will make it easier for recycling facilities to process the material correctly. For example, metal cans should be placed in one pile, while paper should be placed in another.
6. Remove any non-recyclable items from your pile.
Remove any non-recyclable items from the mix as you separate your recyclables into different piles. This includes things like Styrofoam, plastic bags, and chip bags.
Sorting your recycling doesn’t have to be complicated! Following these seven simple tips, you can recycle like a pro in no time!