Make Your Travel Blog Stand Out By Jeremy Schulman


The first step to making your travel blog stand out from the crowd is finding your niche and a niche is a specific focus or area of interest within your topic area.
For example, if you’re writing about hiking in Patagonia, then a niche could be writing about solo female hikers in Patagonia who are also vegan and enjoy knitting socks in their downtime.
A niche helps readers find content that resonates with them because it’s specific enough to be useful but broad enough to cover all aspects of the topic area without being too narrow or technical like an academic paper.
It also helps readers identify themselves as part of an audience when they see other people like them engaging with your blog posts.
Take A Unique Approach To Your Writing
Your writing style and voice are two of the most important factors in making your travel blog stand out according to Jeremy Schulman and you can be creative, use different styles and formats, or even write about things that are relevant to your audience and location.
You should also consider how you want to present yourself as a writer. Do you want to use humor? Are there any themes that resonate with people more than others? If so, focus on those topics when choosing what content to produce for your blog.
Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment
The best way to get started is by doing something you’ve never done before and if you’re not sure where to start, think about what interests you and how it could be turned into a travel blog post.
Maybe you love cooking? Why not share some of your favorite recipes while traveling? Or maybe writing is more up your alley; then share some stories from the road that happened because of something silly or funny that happened during your travels.
The point here is: don’t be afraid, don’t let fear hold back from trying something new just because it might not work out perfectly at first or ever. You’ll learn so much from taking risks like these, even if they don’t pan out exactly as planned and even if they do fail miserably in the end. For more travel tips, you can search Jeremy Schulman.